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My name is Jennifer Tanios and I have been teaching since 2003. I was born and raised in Australia and believe that every individual deserves an equal opportunity to learning and education. My passion is to accelerate every child to reach their potential by providing various opportunities for communication, whether this be through play, drawings, stories, music, drama or just a childs body language. I have 2 young boys of my own and understand what parents and working parents strive for when it comes to the safety, care and education of their children.

After graduating from Sydney University with a Bachelors of Primary Education/Special Needs, I went on to teach in NSW Public Schools. I felt that there was a growing amount of students entering school with some form of learning and/or communication barrier. Whether this be a language barrier, a learning difficulty or an overall Educational or behavioral concern that had just not been addressed or attended to previously.

So, in 2008, I completed Masters in Special Education, which allowed me to gain a better understanding and a specialised qualification in an area which is of growing concern in our society. This area requires one to understand children and how they learn along with the different methods in which one can teach and provide opportunities to educate and empower children.

My years of experience teaching primary children of different ability levels has allowed me to consistently aim to use various strategies and methods to keep children focused and engaged when learning.

So, after some years of thorough research, I felt it was time to address the ‘seedlings’, where the roots stem from!! This of course being our little blessings, our infants, our toddlers and our pre-schoolers who are the next generations emerging into our societies.

Hence, I completed my Early Childhood Teaching qualifications, worked in early childhood settings and then decided to combine all these years of research and experience to create my own holistic Education Centre ‘OXFORD GREENS’.......A centre where every individual is given the best opportunity to develop through their milestones and understand how to enhance the world we live in today...... by becoming an environmentally friendly, knowledgeable and respectful little being!!