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At Oxford Greens Early Education Centre we think it's paramount that parents know exactly what their children are doing. Kinderloop provides secure and personalised development journeys through daily reflections, photos and posts.

Parents can login using their secure login details anywhere, any place, anytime on any smartphone, tablet or PC device. Notifications are given to parents the minute a post about their respective child, or information about things going on in the centre is uploaded by our experienced staff.

Click here to login to Kinderloop through Laptop/PC. Alternatively you can download the Kinderloop application through the App Store if using Apple or through Play Store for Android.


In addition to the above we also have OWNA application. For parents you will receive up to date information about your child's day as well as latest Oxford Greens events. This includes programs, policy documents, observations, meal, sleep and bottle records, portfolios, newsletters, notification alerts and so much more.

Click the links below to download the app.

For Apple click here

For Android click here